Digital Imaging Offers Benefits Over Traditional Diagnostic Methods
Digitally processed images eliminate the need for film processing, resulting in quicker turnaround of study results. During an exam, radiology images are sent to a central hard drive where they are saved in a digital format. Our radiologists are then able to view images on a computer immediately after an exam is completed. And, if additional scans are necessary, these can be ordered while the patient is still in the exam room.

Using sophisticated software, our radiologists can enhance or enlarge specific areas of the digital scan, a capability that is difficult or impossible with traditional x-ray film. As a result, diagnostic ability is significantly enhanced.

Below are the Imaging Services the we provide:
• Open MRI
• Extremity MRI
• X-Ray
• CT
Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute
Aiken Medical Center
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Phone: (803) 644-4CMI (264)
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