Oh, the Places You’ll Go When You Don’t Let Arthritis Stop You

The months between May and September are the most traveled time of the year. 

Summer vacation means long car or plane rides, both of which can cause anxiety for those with arthritis since travel often make stiffness, swelling and pain worse.  

Is arthritis slowing you down? Maybe you’ve avoided travel just because of your condition, but you don’t have to let arthritis stop you. Let the experts at Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute help you figure out the best ways to travel pain-free.

Make Travel Pain-Free This Summer

Consult Your Doctor
Before going on your trip, make sure to clear it with your doctor. See if a special medication for travel would be beneficial or if the trip might be too strenuous in your current condition. 

Book Flights Smartly
Booking a flight with less people onboard means more room to stretch or get up and walk around. A travel agent or airline representative can give you advice for the best times to book. And when you’re able, choose the aisle seat, which allows for more room too. Additionally, if you tell the airline ahead of time of your condition, they may be able to help carry your bags. 

Keep Your Medications With You
Few things are worse than losing your luggage, especially if it means losing your medication too. No one wants to have a bad arthritis flare-up in the middle of vacation that could’ve been avoided. To avoid this problem, put your medication in a carry-on bag and keep it with you.

Practice Posture
Whether you’re sitting in a car or on a plane, do what you can to keep your legs at a 90-degree angle. This could mean using a pillow underneath your knees or having to adjust the way you sit. Sitting properly helps avoid pain and injury.

Take Breaks
Long periods of inactivity can be hard on arthritis. Give your joints a break with seated exercises, or even better if you’re able, get up and walk around some. 

Anxiety or frustration can contribute to arthritis symptoms, so remind yourself that this is your vacation. It is supposed to be enjoyable. Make a conscious effort to relax and unwind.

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