3 Kinds of Back Pain That May Require Surgery

An advanced specialist in minimally invasive spine surgery, degenerative disc disease, disc replacement and fracture treatment, orthopaedist Dr. Ty Carter is dedicated to caring for the patients of Aiken, South Carolina’s Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute with innovative and effective treatments to ensure full recovery from their back pain. 

Many people suffer from back discomfort, but few are aware of the surgical solutions available to them. While therapy and pain relievers help only temporarily, more advanced procedures can offer permanent relief from back pain and help patients return to the daily activities they love most. 

Below, Dr. Carter points out three types of pain that may indicate the likely need for spine surgery or procedures: 

Below-The-Surface Pain
You’ve felt the uncomfortable soreness that occurs after a long day of yard work or playing with the grandkids. Typically, this kind of acute pain is eased by rest and will fade within 2-12 weeks. However, when low back pain deepens and worsens, even after rest, medication and therapy, it is important that you contact a specialist right away. While chiropractors and primary care physicians can prescribe treatments for temporary relief, an orthopaedist will be able to accurately assess your condition and offer you permanent treatments for your pain. Anatomic causes for back pain, such as nerve pinching or spinal instability, are often the source of back discomfort and are not treatable with over-the-counter options. At CMI, we specialize in using the most advanced technology in our spinal procedures to ensure our patients a full and quick recovery. For sufferers of serious back pain, minimally invasive spinal procedures can offer the lasting relief you need — sometimes immediately. So, don’t wait until your back pain gets worse. When the pain goes beyond surface-level soreness, call a trusted spine specialist. He or she will provide insight into the most effective procedure for you.

Persistent Pain
Pain — even bearable pain — that lasts over an extended period of time is cause for concern. Perhaps you’ve lived with your lower back pain for so long, you’ve simply accepted as a part of your everyday life. And while this kind of pain is common, it is not always ignorable. Pain that persists could be an indication of a hairline fracture — an injury that, at first, may require little attention, then grows into a more serious and painful issue. Pain that has persisted for more than a few weeks should be addressed by a trusted orthopaedist right away, making sure you get the help you need — and fast.

Debilitating Pain
Whether pain of the discs, spinal nerves or bones, any pain that consistently prevents you from performing your normal, day-to-day tasks is a sufficient warning sign that you may be a candidate for spinal surgery or disc replacement. In my practice, my highest priority is getting patients back on their feet. Back pain is not only inconvenient, it can also seriously hinder your quality of life by keeping you from your hobbies and work. Don’t spend another day skipping out on activities you enjoy because of back discomfort. Have your specialist find the solution for you, and get back to living the life you love.

CMI has been changing lives for the better in Aiken County since 1979. The Institute is a multi-specialty medical practice specializing in complete musculoskeletal care right here in your backyard. If you or a loved one are experiencing prolonged back pain, contact the experts at CMI right away. To schedule a consultation with CMI’s esteemed orthopaedist,  Dr. Ty Carter, contact Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute at 803-644-4264